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TERMS OF REFERENCE  (to be completed by Hiring Office)

Hiring Office:

UNFPA Maldives Country Office

Purpose of consultancy:

Integration of life skills education including reproductive health education is an important aspect in the education policies and in the curriculum roll out process. The national frameworks such as the National Reproductive Health Strategy and the National Standards on Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Services prioritize reproductive health information for adolescents. 

The Ministry of Education commenced rollout of the new curriculum in 2015 with Key Stage 1 covering Grades 1 to 3 and Key Stage 2 in 2016, and plans to roll out the Key Stage 3 in 2017. The resource materials and text books for both students and teachers form a major part of the curriculum where the competencies are to be grounded. In 2015, the resource materials of Key stages 1 and 2 were mapped against the internationally recognized UNESCO standards to ensure highest quality life skills education is provided through the school curriculum. 

In order to fulfill the full integration of life skills education for Key stage 3 in the curriculum and support advocacy for LSE, NIE is seeking a competent national contractor to support the process.