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11 August 2020

Press Release

MALE’, Maldives (11 August 2020): High Commissioner of Australia to Maldives, HE David Holly and Country Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Maldives, Ms. Ritsu Nacken, signed a grant agreement of USD...

Artwork by Fatma Mahmoud Salama Raslan

30 June 2020

Ending child marriage and female genital mutilation is a responsibility all of Maldives society must share

“At a time when authorities are overwhelmed with unprecedented socioeconomic challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, this insightful report’s timing is apropos,” remarks Aneesa Ahmed, a prominent gender advocate...

21 October 2019

Friends with knowledge

“I want to give back what I learnt to those who need it most; I want to make a difference,” says Inas Rasheed, a peer educator already engaged in outreach activities at the islands via the Youth Health Café.  “I hope...



This study analyses data from the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services and the...
NTA is a macroeconomic accounting framework that measures how different generations in...

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