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COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inherent and systemic gender inequalities and forms of discriminations that underlie our communities. The lockdown conditions have placed vulnerable women in an environment where the risk factors were high and where they have limited opportunities to escape from the violence they faced. This study analyses data from the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services and the Family Protection Authority. The findings include analyses of the cases triangulated with key informant interviews providing a much-needed set of evidence to shape the recovery and long-term plans to prevent and respond to GBV/DV in the Maldives.

This analysis also identifies ways to address GBV in the country while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic itself including broader elements to help us understand any existing communication gaps in reporting and addressing GBV/DV therefore all the concerned authorities can work together to provide a better and concerted means to address Gender Based Violence in the Maldives.