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1 October 2019

Propagating innovative approaches for climate action in Maldives

Better known as a picture-perfect holiday destination, most islands in the Maldives are just a meter above sea level. With the sea level projected to rise by around 3 feet in five decades the threat... Read more

16 July 2019

UNFPA Maldives Country Director's speech at the World Population Day 2019 event

His excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Minister of State for National Planning and Infrastructure Mr. Akram Kamaaludeen, Cabinet Ministers, representatives from the government, civil society... Read more

10 April 2019

Unfinished Business: the pursuit of rights and choices for all

The United Nations had high hopes for girls born 25 years ago. The race to build a brighter future for women in all walks of life began in 1994 with the adoption of the Program of Action of the... Read more

23 October 2018

Youth for Peace: how young Maldivians are contributing to peace and security

UNFPA supports young people’s participation in peace building discussions to enhance their voice and participation in providing solutions to social challenges including peace and security at all... Read more

13 September 2018

Breaking the taboo - Maldives Reproductive and Sexual Rights 'Youth Champion'

In a country where family planning is accessible to married couples only, Safe Spaces for youth are an introduction to reproductive health and rights, counselling, access to contraceptives and... Read more

17 August 2018

The Power of Volunteerism: community development, Faaiq 22 years old

For me it all started through volunteerism. As a young person I am quite passionate about youth empowerment, environmental awareness and community development. I strongly believe that through... Read more

16 August 2018

“Plastic free Maldives: I believe”, Afa 21 years old

I am from Kulhuduffushi, the heart of northern Maldives. My dream is to help my island go plastic free. Many islands in Maldives are now free from plastic bags which means that it is possible. I want... Read more

15 August 2018

“I am a Gender Equality activist”, Axam 24 years old

One of the main reasons why I am addressing gender equality through my work is because I have had two very strong figures in my upbringing: my mother and my grandmother. My mother has shown the... Read more

14 August 2018

“People are trying to keep their daughters inside”, Hasna 24 years old

I come from Addu, the southernmost island of Maldives, which is also the second largest populated Atoll after Male’. We live a very simple life and we don’t have the same opportunities as people who... Read more

13 August 2018

“I am a Peacebuilder”, Hoodh 25 years old

I am from the south of Maldives. Like me, every year many young Maldivians leave their islands and move to Male’ city where they experience an abrupt disconnection from their islands’ sense of... Read more