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Maldives is progressing remarkably well on the Millennium Development Goals, but faces challenges related to gender equality. Passionate individuals and organizations are working hard to advance gender equality, abolish discrimination and protect vulnerable groups. The challenge remains great, but uniting all efforts can make the difference.

On 28 September 2011, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) joined the passionate forces to form The Gender Advocacy Working Group to raise awareness and support strategic initiatives to accelerate gender equality in the Maldives.

At the opening remarks of the workshop of the Gender Advocacy Working Group, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. Andrew Cox said, "We all understand the importance of gender equality for a just and developed Maldives". And he continued, "By working together, our efforts will have a greater impact on catalysing changes that benefit not only women and men, but the development of Maldives. Attaining gender equality entails securing the rights and full potential of women and men."

The Gender Advocacy Working Group will work with strategic partners in civil society, media, parliamentarians and religious institutions to pave ways for women and men to work together to find lasting solutions to the society's most serious social, economic and political problems.

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