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UNFPA-Maldives seeks to strengthen and support  Non-Governmental Organizations/Community Based Organizations (NGOs/CBOs) interested in promoting Reproductive Health, Gender and/or Population issues. These NGOs/CBOs should have the ability to extend and develop community networks to empower couples and individuals to exercise their rights to high quality reproductive health care.  The identified NGOs/CBOs are expected to execute projects with minimum supervision and monitor the effectiveness of the organizations in the network.

Implementation strategies:

  • Promote and advocate for reproductive rights, especially family planning with the media and community networks.
  • Create an enabling environment for, culturally-sensitive interventions to promote reproductive rights with policy and decision makers, health care providers and religious institutions.

The expected results:

  • 1) Strengthened civil society to address and advocate for reproductive health and rights
  • 2) Empowered individuals and couples, including most-at-risk and vulnerable groups, to exercise their rights for quality reproductive health care
  • 3) Capacity of the NGO and CBOs to deliver reproductive health information developed
  • 4) Reproductive rights prioritized at policy level

Selection criteria

1. Project proposals should be prepared and submitted to UNFPA in accordance with the application format

2. The requested budget should not exceed USD10, 000

3. The project should be executed within 3 to 6 months.

4. Proposal quality and NGO/CBO track record will be considered.

UNFPA will consider to support

  • Proposals from NGOs and CBOs with keen interest to promote reproductive health and rights
  • Maximum one proposal per NGO/CBO
  • Creative/interactive ideas/approaches for reaching most-at-risk and vulnerable groups including women, and young people
  • Practical implementation modality with cost-effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism that foster sustainability. means/ways/initiatives to deliver the proposed programmes

UNFPA will not consider to support

  • Proposals submitted by individuals
  • Proposals only to organize conferences or national consultations, concerts or similar events
  • Scholarships/fellowships
  • Projects outside the general subject area
  • Staff and administrative costs, equipment (computers, digital cameras etc.)

Deadline for submission: no later than 22September 2011

How to apply:

The application form and Terms of Reference (ToR) can be downloaded from UNFPA website:

Submit your proposal under confidential cover to UNFPA Maldives, UN Building, Rahdhebai Hingun, and Male', Maldives, or by email to

For more information, please contact: 3343309 or email to National Program Officer: Jeehan