UNFPA, VCSA and High School students who participated in the event
On the 19th of November students from Villa International High School and Billabong International High School Students came together at Villa College QI Campus for a debate organised by UNFPA alongside Villa College and the Villa College Student Association (VCSA) - on the topic of the world’s population reaching 8 Billion - is it a pro or con? This provided a platform for young people to discuss issues around popula...
The President Ibrahim M. Solih speaks to the press on the day Census is launched
In September 2022, the population and housing census took place in Maldives. The largest enumeration exercise reaching every single person, Maldivian nationals and foreigners, living in Maldives on the 13th of September 2022. Unlike in the previous censuses, this time UNFPA supported the enumeration through the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) system with tablets - providing seamless data collection and en...
First Lady Madam Fazna Ahmed and UNFPA Country Director Kunle Adeniyi launches the report
“Although we are privileged, if we look around our communities we see people impacted by such issues - and it has a generational impact on people and Nations” - UNFPA Maldives Country Director Kunle Adeniyi stresses the impact of unintended pregnancies on our community. UNFPA’s 2022 State of the World Population Report highlights that half of global pregnancies are unintended. In the Maldives, 24 babies were taken...

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