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The target audience is young people. The main aim of this initiative is to disseminate information to a large audience on HIV/AIDS prevention linked to Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) on the occasion of World AIDS Day.

UNFPA-Maldives seeks to network with a Non-Governmental Organization/Community Based Organization (NGO/CBO) who can undertake and effectively carryout this initiative. The identified NGO/CBO is expected to deliver an innovative output or mass media intervention to the target audience.

Past experience in conducting similar successful activities is a requirement.

Objectives of Proposed Initiative

It is expected that the activity will advocate for a HIV/AIDS and STI free future generation through a mass media interventions. The purpose of this intervention or output would be to promote responsible sexual behavior. The specific objectives are:

  • Recognizing the need for protection from HIV and STIs
  • Knowing protection options include safe sex behavior
  • Developing motivation to protect oneself and others from HIV and STIs

Main output

Produce, disseminate information or conduct a mass media intervention on the World AIDS Day (1st December) exhibited on large scale to the public, addressing pressing concerns on ASRH delivered in a youth oriented manner.

What we will consider to support

  • Creative/interactive ideas/approaches for reaching young people, especially those most-at-risk and vulnerable
  • Innovative means/ways/initiatives to deliver the proposed idea

What we will not consider to support

  • Individual proposals (means proposals submitted by individuals)
  • Proposals only to organize conferences or national consultations, or similar events
  • Scholarships/fellowships, or training
  • Staff and administrative costs, equipment (computers, digital cameras etc.)

Proposal Format

In 1,000 words (or less) clearly outline the proposed activity and a plan for carrying it out, including:

  1. Interest: Explain your interests in ASRH issues and your reasons for applying
  2. Significance: Discuss the significance and timeliness of the topic, potential obstacles that may be encountered and how you will address these obstacles
  3. Target Audience: Identify your planned audience (broad or specific, locality)
  4. Key Messages: Identify what messages you will be aiming to communicate
  5. Process and Impact:
  6. o Explain how the project will be promoted to that audience and the potential impact it will have
  7. o Briefly state how the project will reduce stigma and discrimination, and increase understanding and support for people with experience of STIs and HIV

6.  Budget & Activity Plan:  Provide an estimated and realistic budget of the costs

7.  Dissemination and Reach: Show how on completion, the activity is to be disseminated, broadcasted, or performed to a public audience or exhibited in public

How to apply

Submit your proposal to UNFPA Maldives, UN Building, Rahdhebai Higun, Male', Maldives, or by email to with the subject referenced as "NGO participation to promote and protect young people's sexual and reproductive health".

Deadline for submission: no later than 2nd November 2011, by 13:00hrs

For more information, please contact:  3343307, Email: or ,