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This document outlines the minimum standards of healthcare, including health service package, indicators for youth-friendly health services in facilities, beneficiaries of youth friendly health services, criteria and monitoring tools for assessing youth friendliness at all levels of the health care delivery system. It is expected that these service standards would help to make progress towards advancing the health needs of adolescents and age appropriate knowledge to youth in all parts of the country.

This document defines Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Services (AYFHS) through the use of National Standards for AYFHS that have been developed to address challenges identified with the current provision of health services to adolescents and young people. These national standards have been deĀ­veloped in consultation with the key stakeholders and needs to be reflected in the with the Maldivian Draft Youth Health Strategy.

The document also defines the package of services to be provided to all young people within the context of Adolescent And Youth Friendly Health Services and outlines necessary actions for the implementation of the National Standards at various levels of the health system.