Free Cervical Cancer screening, 22-23 April 2013

21 April 2013

Why women aged 20-50 years should get screened for cervical cancer?
Cervical cancer is preventable as the disease can be detected at an early stage. At this stage there are no symptoms.

How common is cervical cancer?
In the Maldives, it is the most common form of cancer next to breast cancer.
Maldives is situated in Southern Asia that has highest incidence rate (25/100,000) of cervical cancer among all the regions of the continent. Cervical cancer causes 260,000 deaths every year, of which over 80% are from developing countries.

How can I get screened?
The Government of Maldives is planning to launch a screening program. UNFPA is supporting the establishment of the screening program. One main component of the screening program is to refresh doctors and nurses on screening techniques.

Where should I go?
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Rh Centre Male'

22nd April and 23rd April 2013

How do I get registered?
If interested to get tested send an sms to ,9786759 Health Protection Agency or email to


Women between 25 to 50 years who are ever sexually active will be invited to undergo cervical screening

What will happen on the day when I go to get the screening?

It will take only a few minutes.

All women will have to sign an informed consent form and a trained nurse will give appropriate information about the procedure (you can ask as many questions as you would like to).

The nurse/doctor will then apply freshly prepared 5% acetic acid on cervix liberally and look for the changes after 1 minute.

The outcome of the VIA will be communicated to the individual by the nurse &/or doctor, irrespective of the outcome.