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30 June 2012, more than 2,500 people took part in this year's local social awareness event Dhiraagu Broadband Road Race "Run Against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse".

UNFPA Maldives was one of the contributors to the event raising awareness on domestic violence and highlighting the recently-passed Domestic Violence Act. UNFPA Maldives commends Dhiraagu for putting the socially-taboo subject of domestic violence on the spotlight. We also wish to thank all the enthusiastic supporting contributors including the NGOs Gender Advocacy Working Group, Hope for Women and the Maldivian Network on Women's Rights.

The UNFPA stall at Raalhuga'ndu, where UNFPA team provided further information and promotional material, attracted a great number of visitors, the runners and spectators alike. The visitors had the chance to ask questions and voice their views and ideas.

The photo gallery and the publication section below captured the spirit of the successful event.



Leaflet - Violence Against Women

Leaflet - Love and Control



Dhiraagu Broadband Road Race



Dhiraagu Broadband Road Race

Ratification of the Domestic Violence Bill

Domestic Violence Act

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