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UNFPA’s works globally and in the Maldives to empower young people and to ensure that every young person’s potential is fulfilled. The Maldives Country Office embraces this opportunity to promote youth leadership and empowerment, bringing innovative approaches in working with and for young people.

In Maldives, almost half the population is under the age of 25 years.

The average age of first marriage is 22 years while the age of first pregnancy is 21 years. Only 25% (women) and 22% (men) have discussed reproductive health with anyone; among those who have discussed reproductive health, about two-thirds discussed it with friends.

The national family planning programme excludes young, unmarried individuals, especially girls, and hence, denies them of Sexual and Reproductive Health services and information that would enable them to make informed life choices.

What we do

·         UNFPA works to advance Comprehensive Reproductive Health Education (CRHE) focusing on young people both in and out of school. In schools, UNFPA provides technical assistance in Reproductive Health to integrate the international technical guidance into the new school curriculum. We also act as facilitators to advocate with the gatekeepers and school systems to break the taboo and cultural stigmas around issues related to reproductive health.

·         Having supported the development of the National Standards for Adolescents and Youth Friendly Health Services for all Young People, UNFPA is working to implement the standards in health settings by adopting a multi-sectoral approach to collaborate with existing government and civil society organisations. Activities also include: setting up of monitoring mechanisms.

·         A supporting strategy to the above is to promote social change with and through young people as a way to strengthen demand for reproductive health and rights and facilitating social mobilisation platforms with youth.