The fifth Country Programme has three main components: (1) reproductive health, (ii) gender equality, and (iii) population and development. As the cornerstone of the country programme, the reproductive health component strives to promote universal access to high quality sexual and reproductive health services such as family planning and safe motherhood. The focus is to promote the right of every individual to lead a healthy sexual and reproductive life free of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. Technical guidance, policy advice, training and support is provided through working with national partners and the civil society. Establishment of the first-ever cervical cancer screening programme in Maldives, support to draft National Reproductive Health Strategy, study on reprodutive health knowledge and behavior of young unmarried women in the Maldives and the integration of life skills eduation into the national curricula are key initiatives in this area.

To combat violence against women. UNFPA has played a key advocacy role in partnership with civil society to establish the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act 2012. UNFPA has continued to provide support to the Government to roll out the Act, especially to strengthen health sector response to gender-based violence.

In the area of population and development, UNFPA helps build evidence to support eradication of poverty and plan for sustainable development by providing technical assistance to the Government including support to Demographic and Health Survey and the 2014 Census.